MR Enterprise Stainless Steel Chilly Cutter


  • Made With 100% Stainless Steel Blade 
  • Ideal for Vegetables & Dry Fruits
  • Finish Type: Stainless Steel
  • Handle With Care

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MR Enterprise Chilly cutter is an easy to operate product which is  ideal for everyday kitchen use. It is a quick and multipurpose chopper for chopping chilly and vegetables. Simply turn the handle forwards and backwards for chopping. The Heavy duty cutting blade can chop whole chilly easily.

Stainless Steel body of the cutter makes it sturdy & durable product. The razor sharp blades enough to chop any vegetable in no time. It is Ideal for chopping capsicums , onions , nuts , chilies etc. It is Easy to use and clean. The cutter comes with Solid base for sturdiness, works on smooth surface too.

MR enterprise cutter is a handy kitchen tool that does a fine job of chopping chilly, onions & other vegetables.

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