Baby Shower Cap – Adjustable Using Buttons – Pink


  • Product : Baby Shower Cap
  • Color : Pink
  • Ideal For : Babies up-to age of 1 Year
  • Size : Small (Adjustable using Buttons)

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Using Baby shower cap whenever you intend bathing your baby makes the bathing period a fun time. Now don’t take stress about how you will be able bathe your baby without making it cry instead use this awesome cap.

This Baby shower cap will protect your babies’ eyes from shampoo, soap and even water. It will prevent water & soap or shampoo from touching your baby’s face. Adjustable using the buttons; this cap can be used for kids up-to 1 Year. It is a light weight & multi purpose cap. You can also use this beautiful cap while getting hair cut.

It is non toxic & Eco friendly as it is made from high grade EVA Foam Material – which is very soft & highly comfortable for the babies.

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Caution : Use this product under adult supervision.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 456 × 657 cm


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