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Places in the world where selfies are not allowed

Selfies are fun and a rage on social media so much so that it is hard to believe that anyone can ban this harmless little indulgence. But strangely enough, there are places in the world where the selfie has been banned, and for good reason too! Skyscanner brings you a list of places where taking a selfie can get you into serious trouble.

1. Disneyland, USA

Disneyland and Walt Disney World have banned the selfie stick on their premises since July this year, with Disneyland, California being the first one to impose the ban. Earlier the ban was restricted to rides where the selfie sticks were most dangerous, not only to the user but to others as well. However, after repeated complaints from visitors and employees, the authorities have extended the ban to the entire area and have imposed it on all Disney parks and Disney Worlds.

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It could be disastrous to pull out that selfie stick on a ride!

2. Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg in South Africa has a Lion Park where one can go take a walk with the lions, pet them and get pictures clicked with them. However, visitors are instructed not to take selfies because to take a selfie, you need to get your face close to the lion’s which is definitely too close for (the lion’s) comfort.

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You can pet them all you want but don’t try getting cozy with them for a selfie! Image: HoboGobo.com

3. Colosseum, Rome

Selfie sticks have been banned in the Colosseum because of the sheer physical space one needs to take a selfie. The authorities reasoned that apart from the space factor, the selfie stick is also dangerous and poses a threat to the fragile items on display. Fair enough, we say!

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At the Colesseum, there’s room only for you – not your selfie stick!

4.The Palace Museum, Beijing

The Palace Museum, also known as the ‘Forbidden City’, is the most popular and the most crowded tourist attraction in Beijing. Chinese officials have banned the use of selfie sticks here, saying that the antiquities displayed at the museum are at a risk of getting damaged because of the selfie sticks and also people can get hurt with the sticks, especially in the crowded areas of the museum. The museum director has said that the ban will be strictly enforced and the staff is authorised to stop visitors from using this potentially perilous accessory.

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5. Lollapalooza Music Festival, Chicago

The annual summer music festival in Chicago that happens everyyear around August has become the first major music festival to have banned the use of selfie sticks, extension arms and other such devices. The selfie stick has been added to the official list of banned items including aerosol cans, skateboards, and illegal drugs.

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Selfie? Where’s the space?

6. Garoupe, France

Garoupe has some of the best and most pristine beaches in Southern France which have been demarcated as the “No Braggies Zone”. Selfies are banned on these beaches and the term ‘Braggies’ refer to the people who visit the beaches to take selfies and post on their social media accounts to ‘show off’.

The ban has been put into place because the beach authorities want people to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the beach and not waste their time taking selfies to brag about their whereabouts. Celebrities caught posing for pictures by the ‘Holiday Spam Police’, as they are called, are prompty banned from the beaches. Thankfully, the ban is not permanent and is imposed only during the holiday season for two weeks in the month of August every year.

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It’s a little unfair – being on a gorgeous beach and not being able to take a selfie! Image:diariesofanexplorer.blogspot.com

7. Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Another example of selfies being banned at a place of worship is Mecca. Islamic scholars observed an increasing ‘selfie’ phenomena with the younger generation and saw it as a narcissistic behaviour or ‘self worship’. Some of them also believe that many young kids travelled to Mecca to capture photographs and share it online just to flaunt their religious affiliation. Such acts are believed to go against the foundations of Islam and also destroy the tranquility of the mosque. Don’t even try to fish out that selfie stick around this place.

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In Mecca, taking a selfie is considered a sign of disrespect

8. Pamplona, Spain

Officials have banned taking selfies in Pamplona, Northern Spain during the fiestas of San Fermin where they have a bull run every year in July. The reason behind it is very straight forward – saving the lives of people. The bulls are very strong and fast and in this traditional bull run, men and women run ahead of the bulls to display their strength and agility.

Taking a selfie during this festival obviously requires you to stop and click a picture, which puts the life of the photographer and others around him at risk. Offenders can incur a fine of up to €3000. Fine aside, it would be a rather suicidal thing to do.

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You really don’t want to take a selfie when there are mad bulls running rampage. Image:thehistoryreader.com

9. California, USA

Lake Tahoe in California is famous for its bear population and visitors from all over the world come to see these deadly but cute animals. The ‘bear selfie’ was a recent phenomenon that has been put a stop to as it is believed to put the animals as well as the public in peril. Officials say that there have been instances where people have followed the bears off the tracks and such instances can be extremely dangerous as bears aren’t particularly known to show mercy when annoyed.

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Admire these grizzlies from a distance because they aren’t very selfie friendly

Even if you don’t get to wield your selfie stick, all these places are interesting enough to visit regardless. So what are you waiting for? Download the Skyscanner App to find the best deals on flights and make your bookings on the go!

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