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25 Cute Things Men Do That Can Melt A Woman’s Heart

As the saying goes “Man of few words”, boys don’t express much through words. Instead, they rely on making tiny gestures to tell you what they’re feeling. Some things are more subtle than others, but invariably and extremely cute!

Here are a few things men voluntarily or involuntarily do which make a girl’s heart melt like butter.


1. When Men stumble on their words while asking you out for the first time are their faces are a gushing red!

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There’s really no more adorable memory I have till date. ?


2. When Men get fumbled about kissing you in public, they’re part embarrassed and part restless because they want to kiss you so bad

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Oh, how you make my heart flutter!


3. When Men talk about something super passionately, so much so that they forget you’re there

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They way your eyes shine my darling!


4. The way their eyes light up when you ask them questions about something they are fervent about

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I can see your eyes sparkle and a grin creep to your lips.


5. When Men hold a baby or play with a kid effortlessly

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My uterus just fell head over heels for you.


6. We love to watch you goof around with your friends, we love your bromances

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Especially to see you blush when they tell me an embarrassing story about you.


7. When Men cannot dance or sing, but try anyway, for you

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I can see you teetering on the brink of wanting to leave the room, but you stay. ?


8. When Men ruffle their hair while looking into a zero, deep in thought

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9. When Men stretch while they yawn

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Damn. Why you be so cute? Aaaaaaaaa!


10. When Men make silly faces to cheer you up or just for fun

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I cannot stop letting the smile bug catch me when you do that.


11. When Men sigh when you’re on the phone with them

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There’s no sexier sound than that.


12. When Men roll up their sleeves

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There’s really no explanation for this…….it’s just too overwhelming for my little heart


13. When Men hug from the behind and kiss your hair


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There’s really nothing more endearing than the feeling of your arms around me. ?


14. When they try to tell you a white lie but know that you’ve caught them

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the way you try to cover up is just too lovable!


15. When they kiss you on the forehead

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All my tensions, insecurities……go away….with that, one, single kiss…


16. When they behave like a child playing with their guy toys

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It’s an absolute treat watching you go crazy on your X-Box or PS4.
There’s nothing more precious than watching you get competitive on DOTA or Assassin’s Creed. Or swearing right and left while playing Call Of Duty.


17. When they sheepishly try to make up after a fight

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Just looking at you….my anger melts away and you get me in fits of giggles in no time at all!


18. When they unwittingly walk on the outside of the road and carry your bags for you

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This involuntary habit of your makes me feel so safe.


19. When they eat as if they’ve never seen food before and it’s some kind of revelation to them

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Your face when you catch me staring at you! Priceless! :*


20. When they look directly in your eyes while talking to you, and sneak a glance at your lips whenever you talk

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Did you think I didn’t notice that? ?


21. When they kiss you to shut you up

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It’s difficult to say what I feel at that time, but I cannot stop falling more in love with you.


22. When they’re kind to other people like bartenders and servers at a restaurant, when they help an old lady cross a road

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I could watch that expression on your face all my life…. ?


23. When they’re talking very seriously on the phone about work

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You have no idea how proud you make me feel!


24. When they say your name in a serious tone and then cannot control smiling

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You’re the world’s biggest cutie pie! :*


25. When they say “I know what I’m doing.” with that smirk on their face

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I know you do, baby ?


Does your guy do these too? Let us know in the comment section! ?


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