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15 Impressive Predictions That Actually Came True

Isn’t it exciting to know that most of the developments/events that shaped the modern world were predicted years or even centuries ago when lives weren’t as progressive.

1. Organ transplant- Robert Boyle in 1660s

Robert Boyle made this revolutionary prediction living in times when people knew little of anything else except magic and superstitions.


2. 100% Accurate prediction of 2013 Golden Globe Award winners- Elena Sheppard

In January of 2013, Sheppard worked as a cultural editor for a political news and cultural website. Her company had given her the assignment to live-blog the Golden Globe Awards, and while handling her assignment she ended up doing something extraordinary. Sheppard managed to predict the results of each category, with 100% accuracy.

Fact Source


3. iPad and e-newspapers- Arthur C. Clarke in 1968

In a 1974 clip from Australian Television, Clarke predicted the dominance of computerized life in 2001. Moreover, in 1968, he predicted availability of news on tablet-like devices. And his visions were incorporated in the 2001 film: A Space Odyssey, in which two astronauts can be seen reading newspaper off what looks like iPad.

You can watch the clips where Arthur C. Clarke can be seen describing the world we live in today, on the 1964 BBC program Horizon, here.

Fact Source


4. Moon landing of Apollo- Jules Verne in his book “From the Earth to the Moon”

In the book that was written like a century ago, Jules Verne described the launch of a rocket from Florida to Moon. Amazingly enough, she even predicted the name “Apollo”, the number of people aboard, and also the “weightlessness” that they would feel on the moon.

Fact Source


5. Assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.- Psychic Jeane Dixon


Image Sources: 1, 2

And this isn’t all. She is even said to have accurately foretold the assassination of John F. Kennedy’s brother, Robert, and of Mahatma Gandhi, and suicide of Marilyn Monroe. They say she also predicted the launch of satellite Sputnik and the sinking of  submarines USS Thresher and Scorpion.

Fact Source: 1, 2, 3



6. Sinking of Titanic- Short story “Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan” by Morgan Robertson in 1898

In the novel, Robertson described a fictitious ship, Titan, in a way which was eerily similar to the ill-fated RMS Titanic. Of the many similarities between the real and fictitious ship, was their inability to sink. What’s even more astonishing was the way they sank- Both the ships hit an iceberg on an April night in North Atlantic. 14 Years after the book, Titanic was launched and sank under the same circumstances as Titan.

Fact Source


7. Death of Diana, Princess of Wales- Nostradamus in 1500s


Image Sources: 1, 2

Nostradamus’s writings have predicted several historical events and figures. A translation of what Nostradamus said is,

“The last son of the man with the Prophet’s name
Will bring Diana to her day of rest.
At a distance they wander in frenetic grief
Delivering a great people from ruin.”

The Egyptian billionaire father of Dodi al-Fayed (the lover of the princess who died with her in the car crash) was Mohamed Al-Fayed (Muhammad is also the name of the prophet of Islam). The rest of the lines kind of describe the exact situations that arose once the news of Diana’s death spread like a wildfire.

What’s amazing is that Nostradamus lived from 1503 to 1566, an age when no one knew of the future Princess of Wales, let alone her fate.

Fact Source


8. The Great Fire of London- Nostradamus in 1500s

He predicted,

“The blood of the just will be demanded of London,
Burnt by the fire in the year 66″

The Great Fire of London swept through the city and destroyed it from September 2, 1666 to September 5, 1666.

Fact Source


9. Audio Book- 17th-century dramatist Cyrano De Bergerac

In his novel, “The Other world: Comical History of The States and The Empires of the Moon,” the dramatist spoke about small devices that would serve the purpose of both books and musical instruments. He even described headphones as pendants!


10. Atomic Bomb- English writer Herbert George “H.G” Wells in his 1913 work “The World Set Free”

He described,

“The atomic bombs were thrown…They made a mighty thunder in the air, leaving a flaring trail in the sky…a black background to these tremendous pillars of fire…radio-active vapour drifting sometimes scores of miles from the bomb centre and killing…all they overtook” 

Decades later was born the, The Manhattan Project.

Fact Source


11. Credit Cards- Edward Bellamy in his 1887 novel, “Looking Backward”

The use of credit cards was accurately predicted by Bellamy 63 years before they came into the picture for real.

Fact Source


12. Two moons on Mars- Jonathan Swift in 1726 “Gulliver’s Travels”

He claimed the presence of two moons on Mars almost a century and a half before they were discovered.

Fact Source


13. 2004 Sumatra Tsunami and 2005 US Hurricane- Jeffrey Palmer

Australian psychic Jeffrey Palmer is credited with many predictions, some of which did come true. Palmer accurately predicted the 26 December 2004 Tsunami off the coast of Sumatra, triggered by Indian Ocean volcano eruption, which claimed as many as 230,000 lives. Hurricane Katrina of 2005, which claimed 1,836 lives in the US was also predicted by him.

Fact Source


14. World War II, rise and fall of Hitler, The Great Depression- Edgar Cayce

Some of his predictions can even be seen taking shape in the current times. He has predicted a possibility of a World War III, arising near the Davis Straits, Libya, Egypt, Ankara, and Syria. The currently growing tensions in Afghanistan, Syria and middle-east at large are making this prediction seem pretty eerie now.

Fact Source


15. Mark Twain Predicted he would die when Halley Comet would reappear, and it happened

In one of his books, Mark Twain mentioned that when he was born, which was in 1835, Halley Comet was visible in the sky. He even predicted that he would die when the comet would reappear. The comet reappeared in 1910, which was the same year when Mark Twain died.

Fact Source

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